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Westside Creamery

Cafe Campesino is thrilled to offer Westside Creamery’s delicious ice cream by the pint and ice cream sandwiches… not only because their ice cream is awesome but also because they’re really nice people (and local neighbors too!).  Below is a bit about them from their website… to learn more visit

Westside Creamery churns small batch artisanal ice cream and sorbet that is hand-crafted using the most virtuous ingredients we can find, and sells it out of a re-purposed parcel-delivery truck.  Each small batch of our “farm to bowl” ice cream is made with loving care using fruits, vegetables, and herbs plucked from local farms, and milk generously provided by Georgia dairy cows. All this, so that a dose of our luxurious frozen stuff — be it scooped into a cup, stuffed in a cone, or sandwiched between homemade cookies — satisfies not just your inner truck-chasing child, but your grown-up, earth-friendly locavore too.

Every batch of our ice cream is made with milk & cream from Johnston Family Farm in Newborn, Georgia, a family owned and operated dairy that has been in continuous operation since 1956.  We incorporate other carefully selected, locally-sourced ingredients,from farms including Hidden Springs Farm, Pearson Farms, The Funny Farm, and Taylorganics.


Just as important as our focus on flavor is our love of this community, its growers, and its consumers.  Our goal is to integrate healthy, sustainable, local food into our frozen confections, and to support and uplift our community in a collective celebration of one of the world’s greatest foods.


Cafe Campesino is proud to carry Atlanta Fresh Greek Style Yogurt.  Here’s a little info from their website about their yogurt, their vision, and their approach to “local,” cows, and, well, the milk they produce.  Learn more at

AtlantaFresh specializes in strictly fresh Greek style yogurt. Our products are made using — and respecting — the methods and traditions of old world dairy makers. We make our products by hand and in small batches. Take a look at our ingredient statements and you’ll see that we’re committed to all natural ingredients. No chemicals or preservatives of any kind are used in our products.

Greek Style YogurtGreek Style Yogurt is a style of yogurt which is creamier, thicker and with a much richer, tangy and fuller flavor than American style yogurt. This style of yogurt making really does come from Greece. The quality and flavor difference is achieved with the use of a specific type of bacteria culture and an old world production method. We make an active yogurt full of healthy probiotic cultures to strengthen and boost your immune system. Most yogurts are thickened with gums, starches or milk powders. Our yogurt is made according to the traditional old world method using a “Straining” method where the yogurt is strained to achieve its thick creamy texture and rich complex flavor. We make all of our fruit fillings for our yogurts right in our creamery using traditional cooked fruit conserve recipes and techniques.

Our mission is simple — to bring the highest quality, best tasting dairy products to the Southeast market. Fresh milk from the best local dairy farms places our yogurt among the best dairy products in Atlanta—and the world.

Redefining Fresh – We take freshness seriously. Milk comes daily from Johnston Family Farms, located in Morgan County, Georgia. Within a few days, our fresh Greek yogurt is in your market. You’ll taste a difference when you try it. Just like the town we’re from—It’s like no other!

Local & Fresh – The farm to table concept is now alive and well for dairy products in the Atlanta metro area with locally grown and made artisan yogurts. AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery brings locavores a line of super fresh quality products that arrive to market literally a matter of a few days from when the cow got milked at a local farm. Our line of super fresh, artisan yogurts arrive at your favorite market with the same pristine freshness as herbs or baby vegetables from a local farmer. Handmade small batch yogurt makes a difference in quality and flavor that speaks for itself.

In the Atlanta metro area, we offer you a product line which was grown, made and distributed within about a 40 mile footprint of most anywhere in the city. We’re proud to support the Farm to Table mission statement with our direct business partners of local family dairy farms. Our honey yogurt is made with raw unfiltered Wildflower Honey, harvested in north Georgia by Blue Ridge Honey Company. We utilize existing local fine foods and produce Retail and farmers markets around the city for our distribution to local restaurants and markets.

Local & Fresh: Our MilkWe are proud to partner with Johnston’s Family Farm as our exclusive supplier of fresh milk.

We receive fresh raw milk from Russell Johnston’s farm daily and vat pasteurize it in small batches. Pasteurizing at lower temperatures (versus the way commercial dairies pasteurize at higher temperatures) allows the natural flavor and quality of the milk to shine through with great flavor. Whole milk from the Johnston Family Farm won second place in the dairy products category in this year’s “Georgia Grown” food products competition. Russell uses all natural farming techniques and never uses hormone or antibiotic treatments on his herd. The Johnston family farm grows oats and hay to provide their own feed and silage to feed the cows during the winter season.

Russell Johnston is a second generation dairy farmer with 160 acres and a herd of about 180 primarily Jersey breed cows (Jerseys give the best milk for cheese) located about 45 minutes east of downtown Atlanta in Newborn, Georgia. We receive ultra-fresh milk daily from Johnston Family Farm with milk that is less than a day out of the cows.

Russell’s cows really are happy contented cows (no bull). This is not a factory dairy farm. These cows spend their days grazing on open farm pasture land in the rolling hills of Morgan County.

Arden’s Garden

Cafe Campesino loves Arden’s Garden juices.  Here’s a little excerpt from their ‘About Us’ web posting… learn more at

The way we make our juice reflects our beliefs about health.  Hi! I’m Arden Zinn. Almost a decade ago I began making fresh juice out of my kitchen for myself, my family and friends. I believe that fresh juice is a key to good health, and I wanted to share this with the people close to me.

Back then I would juice any fruit or vegetable available and deliver it to whomever wanted some. Most people drank the juice because they liked the taste, but my satisfaction came from knowing the health benefits they were receiving. Can you believe that from these beginnings a business was born?

Arden’s Garden is Atlanta’s premier fresh juice manufacturer. From our East Point processing plant we make fresh juice five days a week and deliver it all over the city. Our juice is available at supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Publix and Kroger. It’s also available at coffee and bagel shops, health food stores, restaurants, health clubs – even a car wash! Our Arden’s Garden retail stores are in Midtown across from Piedmont Park, in Little Five Points on Euclid Avenue, in the heart of Kirkwood, on Roswell Road in Buckhead, on Main Street in East Point, and now also in Midtown behind the Margaret Mitchell house. We offer business and home delivery as well.

The way we make our juice reflects our beliefs about health. First, we’re purists. All our fresh juices and smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables, nothing else.

Second, we use over 20 different fruits and vegetables to make our fresh juices and smoothies. From beta-carotene to phytochemicals scientists are continually discovering how fruits and vegetables help keep us healthy. We believe that making juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables maximizes these benefits.

Find Cafe Campesino in Atlanta!

Cafe Campesino’s Fair Trade, organic coffee is available in various locations across Atlanta, including the Sweet Auburn Market locations both on Edgewood Ave. and inside the Atlanta airport.  While we closed our own cafe inside the the Edgewood Ave. market, Cafe Campesino is still available by the cup, in espresso drinks or by-the-bag at the Sweet Auburn Bakery inside the market.  

At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Cafe Campesino is found at the Sweet Auburn Market, inside the newly opened Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal.

Cafe Campesino can also be found at other locations across Atlanta.  Find a list here.

As always, all of our coffee is sourced from farmer-owned cooperatives around the world and is roasted just 2 hours south of Atlanta at our roastery in Americus, Georgia.   It is available by-the-pound… pre-packaged, bulk, and is roasted-to-order.  Please let us know if you have questions feedback or comments by contacting us at or calling our roastery at 888-532-4728.

What people are saying…

“The cafe features 100-percent Fair Trade, organic coffee. I ordered a doppio macchiato and a fruity scone baked on the premises. The macchiato was super-smooth and the scone was crumbly-delicious. The cafe has a great vibe and you can hang out there with your laptop. There’s free WiFi.” – Cilff Bostock, Food Writer for Atlanta’s Creative Loafing

“…aspiring baristas and working-class coffee clutchers will feel equally at home.” – Atlanta’s Daily Candy

“I will be honest, I am addicted to the scones and I feel this place serves some of the best espresso that I have had in the city.” – Atlanta Yelper

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